Strategic Modules

Unlike the Enterprise modules, which focus on HR operational matters, these modules focus very much on the human side of things. In today’s parlance, this would be on human capital development and management.

These modules address human capital management from a strategic perspective by aligning HR processes with business goals and objectives.

At the heart of these modules is a performance management system that measures employees’ performance objectively and transparently and linking the results to organizational goals and objectives. The results are then used to drive key HR processes related to succession planning, talent management, learning & development, recruitment and employee relations. It offers a holistic development and management of human capital.

Although the modules are interconnected, they are modular in design and can be implemented on a module basis. The system is component-based which allows it to be customized to specific requirements of a customer.

Modules include the followings:

1. Performance Management

This module has 2 components; e-Appraisal, which automates the processes related to staff appraisal, and Management Reporting which are management tools for moderation, rewards simulation, performance analysis and lead-ins to employees’ development.

2. Succession Planning

This module identifies succession candidates for key positions, and tracks their development. It uses results from Performance, and employs a “round-table” concept for decision.

3. Talent Management

This module is used to identify and manage talent within the organization. It also uses results from Performance as well as specific recommendations to identify talent. It looksat vertical movement (promotion), lateral movement (change in job) and job enrichment (expansion in responsibilities)

4. Learning & Development

This module handles Learning and Development. Through a TNA, it identifies employees’ training requirements and then plans training courses accordingly. It has facilities to process training application and nomination, as well as tools to evaluate training effectiveness.

5. Recruitment

This is an end-to-end recruitment software that starts with job posting and ends with generation of job offer. It also has an integrated jobportal that is used to post jobs over the Internet.

6. Manpower Planning

This module provides an online tool for planning manpower requirements. Using information-on-the-tap planner has access to necessary information on job position, number and hiring details, emolument et al that facilitates the planning process. Individual plans are aggregated to provide consolidated plans at department, division and company levels. This module provides a lead-in to recruitment.

7. Industrial Relations

A basic industrial relations module that tracks, monitors and reports on employees’ disciplinary issues and actions.