Enterprise Modules

This is a suite of productivity software that expands the traditional HRIS for managing employee, payroll, leave, claims, training and et al by incorporating employee self-service features. Essentially, the software handles this by pushing the processes out to the end-users, i.e. employees of the organization. Thus, what were traditionally time consuming tasks handled by HR are now handled directly by the employee themselves, saving much time and reducing bottlenecks.

These modules are full Web-based system. As such, all administrative functions can also be carried out remotely away from the data centre. This feature allows multiple HR groups, operating from various offices, to administer different HR policies and procedures. Ideal for organizations with multiple companies/entities and with offices spread out over vast geographical locations.

Modules include the followings:

1. Base Module

This is the foundational module that manages the system framework and includes functions like user management, workflow management, alert management, e-communication and system audit.

2. Employee Master

Database of employees containing detail information of every employee; with powerful search facilities to allow quick retrieval of information, as well as comprehensive set of management reports. ESS allows employees to update their personal data.

3. Payroll

A comprehensive enterprise-grade payroll system that complies fully with Malaysian tax regime. It also has powerful reports for employees’ cost management. ESS allows employees to check their salaries, payslips and EAs over the Internet.

4. Leave

A feature-rich leave management system that is both flexible and user friendly. ESS automates application and processing of leave over the Internet.

5. Benefits & Claims

Like Leave, this module automates the submission and processing of employees’ claims and benefits. It has flexibility in defining benefits and allowances, as well as attributes related to each type.

6. Time Management

Use in environment where employees work in shifts; working in tandem with electronic clocks, it automates the calculation of working hours in accordance to predefined categories like Normal Overtime, Public Holiday, Weekend, et al. Working in tandem with Payroll, this automates the calculation of overtime pay, saving much time and headaches.

7. Organization Chart

A vivid way to show the organization structure; data used to create the organization chart is picked up from the Employee Master. Changes in the Employee Master are automatically picked up by the OrgChart.

Key features of these modules are:

  1. Full Web system allows usage anywhere and anytime, and all modules can have employee self- service (ESS) functions
  2. Support multi-country, multi-company and multi-currency
  3. Powerful search using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) technology that provides “Google-like” features
  4. Friendly and intuitive user interface; no programming skill or database knowledge necessary for administration of system, earning the tagline “HR software for HR and by HR”
  5. Powerful workflow engine
    • Unlimited levels
    • Easy to use – user-definable routes
    • Rule-based route definition; for example,” if total leave less than or equal to 4 routes to A, and if total leave days => 5 routes to B”
    • Auto tracking of status
    • Escalation
    • Email notification and program link
    • User-defined email messages
  6. Rules based programming – allow non-IT HR personnel to configure system without the need for programming
  7. Back-up approver; predefined and for selected period
  8. Powerful administrator’s tools to allow intervention of exceptional situations
  9. Comprehensive reports including custom-built to suit customers’ specific requirements
  10. Management dashboards to present key information in charts and graphics